The Little Black Box - LBB     $38.00

The LimeLight Little Black Box is this adorable magnetized double-layer palette that is kind of magical. It takes an incredible amount of makeup and organizes it beautifully into two sturdy, trays.
Complete with a removable second layer and mirror, it really does make life so much easier.
Each tray can fit:
6 Botanical Foundations or,
6 Perfect Blushes or,
24 Perfect Eyeshadows
Or you can mix and match with combinations like:
5 Foundation + 4 Concealers
4 Foundation + 8 Concealers
3 Blush + 8 Eyeshadows
2 Blush + 12 Eyeshadows
1 Blush + 16 Eyeshadows
All in this Little (Black) Box!  See what we mean about it being magical?

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